Quartz range

Quartz Range

The QUARTZ range consists of extremely versatile pulsed air ovens. With their steam injection system fitted as standard, they perfectly bake your loaves, pastries, snacking products, pies and quiches, desserts, etc…
Excellent air flow between the 5 levels makes your baguettes and pastries rise fully and guarantees even baking throughout the baking chamber.


Range features

These 5-level pulsed air ovens, with a span of 75 mm, have been designed and produced for bakers, pastry chefs and restaurateurs.
Pulsed air provides even air circulation throughout the baking chamber and its ventilation speed is ideal to bake the most delicate pastries.
This electromechanical model can house 600 x 400 mm of plates or meshes (entrance width 600).


Termal insulation

Thermally insulated by 25 mm thick walls, the QUARTZ oven is fitted with a silicone expansion joint. Inserted between the baking chamber and the front of the oven, it ensures an excellent seal while resisting heat.


Technical features



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