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Resulting from an extensive development and customer testing process, the SAPHIR oven is a compact electric oven designed for deck baking of bread and pastry products.
Due to a high-performance steam appliance and excellent heat distribution, SAPHIR perfectly balances irreproachable baking and compactness for use in your shop or small bakery



A genuine baker’s oven
Adapted from the Opale Style range, the steam generator on the SAPHIR oven has been tested on demanding bakery products to certify its ability to follow an intensive work rate. A new diffuser ensures even steam distribution into the baking chamber in a back and forward movement.To ensure even baking, the geometry of heating elements already tested on the Opale Style range has been enhanced on the front of the decks in order to compensate for heat loss due to the proximity of the glazed door.
13mm thick slabs supplement the system to ensure even baking, without burning the sole of the loaf.

… Also perfect for pastry-making
Each level is fitted with a standard manual damper to dry the baking chamber when needed.

Optimal baking capacity
The SAPHIR may be built-in on three sides and has a footprint of 2.8 m² for a total baking surface of 5.12 m².
It will therefore bake 20 rows of traditional baguettes or 4 baking trays of 400x600mm per level (*).
Its extreme compactness is obtained by fully integrating the lift into the facade of the SAPHIR. Both light and robust, the lift is easy to handle and reaches its upper standing position through an ingenious retractable hood that completely clears the area in front of the oven.

Energy savings
A PLC controls energy savings by optimising the operating time of each baking chamber and the steam appliance.
This control system is used to limit the oven’s total power while maintaining excellent reactivity at each level.
Thermal insulation is ensured by 100 mm to 140 mm thick rockwool panels for enhanced safety and improved energy yield.
When steam is not required, it is possible to switch off the steam appliance with an easily accessible button on the front panel.

An easy to read and programme control panel
Common operations, such as switching lighting and the extractor on and off, steam injection, modification and display of deck and roof temperatures, are immediately accessible and easy to programme.
A real-time clock offers timed functions for effective and simple delayed baking.


Ergonomics and design

Super standard features
Each level has a standard manual damper, a steam recall button and a command to control each deck individually.

Ergonomic handle
A new handle has been designed for easy use of the lift and to precisely position it in front of each level.

A retractable hood
The lift is positioned at a height of 1820 mm by sliding the front of the hood, thereby totally clearing the area in front of the oven.

A high performance steam generator
SAPHIR includes a genuine steam appliance. Its mass and geometry produces generous steam, perfect for your baking products.

Quality finishing

• Robust and careful finishing
• Brushed stainless steel facade
• No recesses difficult to clean
• Smooth surfaces
• Glazed doors opening by cool double position handles (partial or total opening)


A wide range of standard features:

SAPHIR offers the following standard features:
• An electronic command per level allowing:
• Independent regulation of the deck and the roof
• 7-day operations programming
• Lighting activation
• Baking timer
• Steam control
• Extractor control
• A mechanical damper at each level
• A double command for the steam appliance (on the left-hand command and via a recall button on the right)
• A retractable extractor hoodA design allowing the oven to be built-in on 3 sides
• A full width elevator and loader (standing position 1820 mm high)

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